• Civil Rights Litigation

    Federal and state laws prohibit employers from discriminating against individuals because of their race, gender, age, religion or national origin with regard to hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, job training, and other terms and conditions of employment. Employers are also prohibited by law from retaliating against an individual who opposes or challenges such discriminatory policies or practices. Harwood Feffer attorneys have an accomplished record of combating discrimination in the workplace.

    In addition, under the United States Constitution, as well as other federal and state laws, individuals are protected against the deprivation of constitutional rights by local and state governments and their employees. Harwood Feffer attorneys have extensive experience in litigating claims involving police misconduct, voting rights, and constitutional rights.

    Harwood Feffer attorneys are available to advise employees and individuals who believe they have been deprived of their constitutional rights or subjected to discrimination in the workplace or elsewhere. The Firm is and has been involved in numerous class actions involving employment discrimination and civil rights matters and is committed to obtaining effective results.

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