• The law firm of Harwood Feffer LLP ("Harwood Feffer" or the "Firm") specializes in complex, multi-party litigation with an emphasis on securities class actions, shareholder class and derivative actions, and ERISA litigation. The Firm also handles more general complex commercial litigation involving allegations of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and negligence, as well as litigation involving labor and employment, civil rights, consumer fraud, anti-competitive conduct, and other commercial claims.

    Harwood Feffer is dedicated to prosecuting socially useful actions in the most efficient manner and with the highest level of professional competence. The structure of the Firm allows us a far greater degree of independence, flexibility, and satisfaction than a large firm environment, without sacrificing the quality of representation necessary to successfully litigate complex actions throughout the country. The Firm maintains an excellent reputation -- among both the plaintiffs' and defense bars. Our adversaries and co-counsel know that we take a case to trial, if necessary, to achieve a satisfactory result for our clients.

    Harwood Feffer has been acknowledged by courts and by its peers to be one of the leaders in the plaintiffs' shareholder advocacy bar. In this regard, we have developed new law in the areas of tender offers, fiduciary duty of corporate insiders to public shareholders in mergers and takeovers, and general principles of required disclosure to shareholders and institutional investors in public companies.

    As a result, the Firm has been designated as lead, co-lead or special counsel in numerous complex cases and other actions involving shareholder rights and corporate governance. In the vast majority of such actions, the Firm's skill and expertise has led to the recovery of substantial monetary and equitable benefits for investors, stockholders, corporations, and partnerships. By way of example, the following litigated actions, in which the Firm served in a leadership capacity, were all brought to highly successful conclusions: 1) In re First Capital Holdings Corporation Financial Products Securities Litigation, MDL 901 (C.D.Cal.) (restoration of over $1 billion in insurance policies and benefits); 2) In re Royal Dutch/Shell Transport ERISA Litigation, (D.N.J.) (creation of settlement fund of $90 million plus implementation of structural relief); 3) In re Prudential Bache Energy Income Partnerships Securities Litigation, MDL 880 (E.D.La.) (creation of settlement fund in excess of $90 million); 4) In re JWP Inc. Securities Litigation, (S.D.N.Y.) (creation of settlement fund in excess of $37 million); 5) Morse v. McWhorter, (M.D. Tenn.)(creation of a settlement fund of $49.5 million on behalf of investors in Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp.); 6) In re BankOne Securities Litigation, (N.D. Ill.) (creation of a $45 million settlement fund); and 7) Sidney Morse, et al. v. Abbott Laboratories, et al., (N.D. Ill.) (creation of a $14.1 million settlement fund following a jury verdict for plaintiffs).

    Courts have often recognized the Firm's skill in class, derivative, and ERISA actions. For example, in In re Electro-Catheter Securities Litigation, Judge Nicholas Politan of the District of New Jersey stated:

    [C]ounsel in this case are highly competent, very skilled in this very specialized area and were at all times during the course of the litigation that I participated in, which was perhaps the major part of the Court litigation here, always well prepared, well spoken, and knew their stuff and they are a credit to their profession. They are the top of the line.

     In J. Michael v. SFBC International, Inc., Judge Stanley R. Chesler of the District of New Jersey stated:

    The Court . . . is delighted, quite frankly, to see the practicality of counsel on both sides in this matter and that, indeed, settlement in this case and at this early stage ends up with very substantial and practical benefits to all the parties in this case and ultimately to the corporation.

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