• Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance law has brought greater accountability to corporations, their boards of directors, and management. Harwood Feffer has worked closely with shareholder activists and individual shareholders to exercise their rights to govern corporations and remedy improper behavior at the executive level. The Firm’s attorneys have developed new law in the areas of tender offers, fiduciary duty of corporate insiders to public shareholders in mergers and acquisitions, and required disclosure to shareholders and institutional investors in public companies.

    When improper conduct is suspected, the Firm performs an audit of corporate governance practices at a corporation and makes recommendations to shareholders on the merits and viability of a potential case. The Firm’s attorneys draw from extensive experience in this arena and have been designated as lead or co-lead counsel in a number of complex cases and other actions involving shareholder rights and corporate governance.

    Harwood Feffer views corporate governance as a key means of enforcing the fiduciary duty and accountability of corporate insiders who operate behind closed boardroom doors. Corporate governance measures serve as a powerful recourse when directors make decisions that are not in the principal’s best interests. Harwood Feffer’s efforts on this front have aided in the development of a more transparent and ethical business environment.

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